I can not scan anything right now because my prints are in the darkroom ( I left them there yesterday) I also wrote all over them so I really don't want to scan them and upload them. Let me try to explain the issue to you so you better understand.
1st the subject has medium brown hair and is a beige skin, So her face should not be paper white and her hair not black in a print.
2nd I exposed using a light meter at box speed of iso 200.
3rd, I developed the film in D76 developer, for 6.5 min, agitating for the first 30 seconds then once every 30 seconds, stop, fix, wash, photo flo, when looking at the negatives (4x5) in a light box I can see detail in her hair and even her skin looks good, the negative is fairly thin in her hair and pretty dense on her face. But I still have detail in the hair.
4th I did a strip test to determine the correct exposure for a contact print and found that to get detail in the hair and to keep her hair from going totally black and blocked out, I needed 10 seconds on her hair and 25 seconds on her face.
5th I suck at burning---I'll practice
6th I tried a #5 filter to bring out the contrast in her hair at 10 seconds, then a #0 filter for 15 seconds to try and bring the tones in her skin down to normal. This gave the best results without actually burning. I still feel her face is to bright.

So I thought maybe I agitated the negatives to much during development? Her hair when I meter it is a zone II and her face I placed in Zone VI, Printed on paper I"m getting her hair in Zone I and her face in zone IX even X.

The FB paper that I am using has very soft tones that are pretty but because it's matte I suppose it's kind of milky, it's not crispy black and crispy white. like the RC paper I also have. I do like the FB paper, but to me the shadows block up very easily. I don't like that.

I hope this clears things up a bit. It's not that I want true black in my image, the only true black in the image is her eye lashes and they are printing up perfectly fine. It's that I don't want her hair to be a solid mass of shadow and her face to be paper white. With the split grade filtering I was able to get something close to what I want but it's still not exactly what I wanted.

I hope this helps