I was hoping he would smuggle them through his suitcase when he visits Toronto.

Chris.. when you get to visit Toronto we will put you up... but remember fish stinks after two days so thats my offer, two evenings then you get your sorry ass back to Rochester.
Ron and I have been planning a visit where we come to Rochester in Jan, maybe around that time would be appropriate for you to visit Toronto as we can drive you at least one way.
I will take you over to John Bently's studio to meet him and see his wonderful four colour carbons.. I consider Todd G and John B the best in this field.. I have never seen Girards work so I cannot speak of his prints.. The only other prints I have seen were David Schraders from California, and his work was very good as CMB can attest, all his prints were on the Melemex and not transfered to heavy watercolour as John and Todds work has been done. I have tried to find out where he went as its strange that he did such nice work, but does not seem to be working on carbon now.
Also Sandy King has hanging at his home some very nice tri colour carbons that he made back in the 80's. Sandy and I made some colour carbon tissue, my last visit with good results.

I think Chris this is a very good direction and initiative you are taking and wish you the best success.


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I hope you realize how difficult it will be to ship chemicals outside of the US. Especially these compounds.