Definitely a parts camera! Old Rolleicord, model unknown. Has the Zeiss Jena Triotar 7.5cm f/4.5 taking lens and a Heidoscop - Anastigmat 7.5 cm viewing lens. Film wind and focusing knobs are on the right and the focusing knob says "Use FB-20 AGFA film" in the center. The bottom has a sliding cover over the red film number window and the top is missing the collapsible finder chimney, although the ground glass is intact. The leatherette is in reasonable condition although it is coming off the body in a few places, most noticeably on the front. Focusing is a bit stiff, as is the aperture pointer, and the shutter appears to be non-functional. Like I said, a parts camera.

Useless if you want to take pictures but it might have some dignity left as a parts donor. How does $20 sound, plus shipping? I take Paypal and USPS money orders (United States Post Office ONLY!) Thanks!