Does seem kinda silly to panic about major color chemistry at this point in time, unless you're just trying to learn alternatives for the hypothetical long-haul. RA4 is mainstream at this point - all the
high-volume print units other than inkjet rely upon it. C-paper and RA4 are still a lot more cost effective than inkjet for commercial work, and can be optically printed as well. Still multiple sources
for the chemistry. C41 won't die until color neg film does worldwide, and there's no evidence of that
on the near hoizon. Fuji is still making and selling chrome film, and distributing it here, so E6 is still
required. Just because some neighborhoods might not offer these traditional film and paper services
like they once did does not imply the cumulative need has been reduced to the point of imminent
danger. Plenty of commercial use of all the above in my particular neigborhood.