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Thanks guys.. He suppose to call today and I have a battery of questions ready. I dont won't a 300.00 brick. I'll diffently be ask the three question that are typical with cameras, Haze, Fungas and scatches. I'll keep you posted.

Don't stop at haze fungus and scratches. Does it focus smoothly? does the shutter fire on all settings? do the speeds at least SOUND different when fired? Is it easy or hard to change the shutter or aperture settings? Does the film advance work smoothly? Has he run a test roll through the camera to know if the frame spacing is accurate and consistent? All of those things are important. As Benjiboy just said, plan on a CLA at a minimum, and possibly some repairs as well, above and beyond what you paid for the camera when budgeting. The upside is that once done, the investment will pay for itself in the many years of enjoyment and use you'll get out of the camera.