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It's a bit more than a set of rollers, although perhaps not a whole lot more. It's the functional portion of the iPhone image copier, and it will be the core film handling element in any new product that IP chooses to design around it, such as a new instant camera.
from what I can see and have read from the link it's nothing more than the ejection mechanism, the rest seems to be done by the phone itself... but correct me if I'm wrong.

so with that in mind, the amount of work to turn it into a functioning camera (assuming the go for slr rather than say a rangefinder or tlr... pinhole?) makes it more of a hindrance than a help. Why would you limit yourself to having to retro fit the rest of the camera around what amounts to a small arm that pushes the film forward? Surely this is the last thing you need.

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If the iPhone printer sells well, then IP will sell more film, and the costs per image could come down to the point that more people will be able to afford it, which may spur further development and more users, and so on.
seems like a lot speculation to me, can't they just send someone out west to pan for gold?