Im trying to get rid of some equipment and materials that Im not using anymore. Im located in Indiana and accept paypal. All prices include paypal and shipping. I will be shipping USPS with insurance and tracking.

On most of the stuff im just throwing out a price.


Will give cut for combined items.

------------------------PENTAX $125 for everything for the pentax I will also throw in some other random stuff till I fill the box.

Pentax k1000 with cap and eye cup (speeds are good to my ear and stop watch, at lease the 1 sec and half sec) $75
pentax ME super (untested, also and no bottom to the tripod mount hole) $40

SMC PENTAX-M 50mm f:2 (few specks some with back cap and hoya uv filter) 35$
SIMGA f:4-5 75-250mm multi coat (few specks with caps) $25
GEMINI auto tele converter 2x (with caps) $25
no name 28mm f:2.8 multi coated (few specks with caps) $25


a24 chrome back (matching insert good condition) $55
polaroid 100 (corner missing on hinged door on the roller side best to cover with tape when using) 20$


2X rolleifix (both need new front screws) $35

-------------------------POCKET WIZARD

Pocket Wizard PLUS digital Receiver (NOT WORKING) $25


X5 MGFB WT Glossy 8x10 100 sheets $75
x1 MGFB WT Glossy 8x10 250 sheets $125

All are expired but have used some and sold some and all were happy.


X2 xtol 5 liters ($15 for both)


POLAROID ET KIT NO.619769 NEW in box

Again give me an offer if your interested.

Will possibly post more stuff up soon