Brian, here is a list, with discussion, of 2x3 view cameras:

I have a 2x3 Cambo SC, also 2x3 Graphics (Century, Crown, Pacemaker Speed). If you want movements you want a real view camera, not a Graphic. The only useful movement my little Graphics have -- see -- is 19 mm of front rise, and as was pointed out in the discussion using much of it with a short lens requires some fairly easy surgery.

I follow sales of 2x3 view cameras (2x3 Horseman technical cameras aren't view cameras so I ignore them) on eBay. Most go for very high prices, although a 2x3 Cambo SF and a couple of 2x3 Galvins recently went for not all that much. If cost matters to you, want to shoot 2x3 and must have movements, the best approach is probably to get a 4x5 view camera, a 2x3 roll holder that can be used with it, and put up with the bulk and weight. The cheapest option is probably a Calumet CC-401 with a Cambo/Calumet C2-n roll holder. Most C2 roll holders are 6x7s but there are 6x9s, be careful what you buy. Next less costly is probably a Cambo SC-2 with international (= Graflok) back and a Graflex roll holder that fits a 4x5 Graflok back; alternatively, an SC-2 with bail back and a C2-n. The downside of CC-401 and SC-2 for 2x3 is that using short lenses with these cameras isn't easy.