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Plan to spend $300-450 on a thorough top-to-bottom CLA/overhaul. I had my 2.8E overhauled recently at a local shop and it was $450, which included re-aligning the front lens panel because at some point in the past my camera had taken a knock to the head and the front lens bearing standard was out of whack, and you couldn't reliably focus it wide open. Once you got past f5.6 the depth of field covered you, but at f2.8, nothing was ever really as sharp as it should have been.
Good advice. Someone will jump in and share how they got their Rolleiflex CLA done for $120 or so at some general camera repair place and that is great. Good for them. But all they got likely was some lubricant squirted on the shutter and infinity focus tested. For these babies in my opinion they need a real overhaul and true deep CLA and that costs at least what TFC quoted above from a good Rolleiflex or at least TLR specialist repair technician.