I am contemplating dabeling in Large Format photography. Currently I've got a Sony 14 MP digital. Also Kodak Retina 1a. Also a Minolta HiMatic 7s range finder camera and a Minolta 7000 SLR. These last 3 are 35mm film. Somewhere along the line, I have developed a potential interest in Large Format, so I bought and read Steve Simmons "Using the View Camera" and I have http://www.largeformatphotography.info/ in my favorites list. So, what to do now? The reading I've done makes me lean to picking up a Graflex Super because I perceive it to be relatively compact and portable for a 4X5 and comparatively reasonable in both price and quality. I will appreciate all comments to either disuade me, reinforce my opinion, or offer alternative suggestions.

I will likely do B&W as well as color. My old time ago 35mm film experience says ASA 64, 100 or 200 is going to give the least grainy results. Is that true in today's films? What is the suggestion of the experienced among you as to brand and type of film? What should be avoided? I think I have learned that the film sheets have to be inserted into a film holder, 2 sheets per holder, and this must be done in a dark room. What's the procedure for removing the exposed sheets and what do you put them in to take/send the exposed film to a developing/printing service?

I will appreciate all suggestions and advice. What to look for. What to avoid. What gotchas to look out for.

Thank you.

Jim McClain