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Also, what you are doing with two exposures, one each through your softest and most contrasty filter, is fine, but it makes it harder to judge what's going on compared to, say, "I printed it with a grade 2 filter and the highlights are blown out and the shadows empty" or whatever. There have been careful studies on this method that concluded the results are indistinguishable from a print made with a single filter to give the same overall contrast. (I don't have a link handy, if someone cares to look it up or dispute it, fine with me *g*) Some people like it and it works for them and that's fine. I see split printing like this as just a more complicated path to the same result, though of course I will burn in areas with different filters, or even use a piece of filter material as a dodging card/wand at times.
I did tests and found I had to add the second exposure with the 0 filter it tone down the highlights. Without it they were paper white.