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The RC paper I have is glossy. Yes it prints better with these negatives.

I will be doing a series if test that Thomas has given me, I do believe I over developed the film. I think you and Thomas are saying the same things and I thank you for taking the time to educate me.

I am using dip tanks I think that's what you call them. They are square and you use metal frames to hang the negs in the chemestry. In total dakness, It's the system my friend used and it's his darkroom. He has not shot film in 10 years and is little help.

I will do the tests and report back.
Humm. Well some papers just fit some negatives better than others.

Those are "deep tanks" used with hangars. That's what I used until I got my Jobo and I still have mine. They work fine and are pretty easy to use, even in the required darkness. Biggest limitations are the amount of chemistry required making one shot developers (like D76 1+1) impractical, or at least pretty darned expensive.