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This is correct. Unless you are burning and dodging different parts of the image during the soft and hard grade exposures, there is no real difference between split grade printing and using single contrast filters - except technically split grade printing effectively allows for continuously variable contrast grades rather than discrete half-grade intervals. This is a subtelty though.

Best for novice printers not to overcomplicate things.
Agree 100%, Michael.

And I also think Rick hit his head on the nail with his analysis of what might have happened to the negative, that it's underexposed and overdeveloped.

The test that I have described for Jenni to do is a simple film speed test, and a simple film developing test, to find a base line to jump from, getting negatives that in general print without much darkroom gymnastics, basically to get her a really solid starting point. There are no numbers involved, only subjectively judging negatives by contact printing them; something that isn't terribly complicated, but will help a lot to minimize frustration and waste in the darkroom.