I'm going to sell my Voigtlander Avus in 9x12 format with 3 film holders. The film holders are the kind that have a swinging door inside, you open and slip the sheet film in then close that door before closing the film holder itself. I found that swinging door to be strange but good actually since it fits a lot more exactly and snugly than your average 4x5 film holder, there is zero chance for the film to slide around inside. Anyone have an idea what is a fair price to ask for it? Everything works on the camera, there are no light leaks in the bellows and they are supple actually. Two of the film holders were slightly bent around the edge of the film sheath to the point that there were two very slight light leaks, but.. the metal is easy to bend and I think I have the light leak solved, but haven't run any more film through it to make sure. The negative quality is outstanding on this camera! I have the original camera case but it's really beat up on the lid area. I was thinking of an asking price of $200 but want some objective opinion(s).