last night I used fresh ld20(no old brown) in a new tray and gloves....no contamination.
It was going well as the bath became seasoned the splotching slowing came in. I had ordered some semi matte and tried that.
It was similar but different. As it was developing it was a foggy layer that slowly 'ate' away.
This is not like a transition to infection but like a clearing of fog in a weird way...
Well this was splotchy. However, if I let it go to deep blacks they splotching would be gone and uniform.
I was able to do this as well with the glossy but it was more susecptible.
It preventing me from snatching earlier and I had to settle on the colder blacks.

To make sure, is a dark red light 5 ft above (on the whole time, exposure,dev,etc) okay?
I wondered about the light source for exposure so I diffused it more but the results were the same.
I have to only guess this has something to do with contact printing.
However, Thomas and Bob seem to have really quick development times so perhaps it goes through this state really quick?
I don't have a heater so this happens later as my bath cools. I start with hot water.