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Over the years I have handled a few "Takumar Bayonet" lenses for the pentax K mount.

They all seemed to have terrible build quality, with a scraping sound as they focused or even disconnected mechanisms.
I remember one lens (a 200mm zoom i think) was new in box, but still did not seem to work correctly.
The box was labeled Takumar Bayonet and I think it was labeled Korea.
I dont think it said pentax on it at all.

Whats the story behind these lenses?
Were these cheap knock-offs meant to mislead people into thinking they were pentax?
Or just a 'first version' of pentax K mount lenses that were updated with better design in later years?
I don't think there were those lenses from Pentax. May be they are knock-offs? I think all Pentax K mount lenses are SMC Pentax only the M42 are Takumars and they are both of very high quality.