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My own empirical evidence shows, after about five years of using the same accordion bottles, that they work.

What is it that makes people have bad things happen to them with the accordion bottles? I see absolutely no difference in the quality of my developers with accordion bottles compared to normal bottles.
Thomas, I too wonder what reasonably scientific tests have been done which shows that accordion bottles do not work. It is said that the plastic of which they are made allows air to get in through the plastic. What is the evidence for this? Looking through old darkroom books they were mentioned as the "things to have" and clearly sold well for many years. You'd have thought that in a very short time, if they were defective, they'd not have sold. Even in pre-internet days when magazines like Amateur Photographer and camera clubs were the darkroom enthusiasts' only source of help you would have expected to see complaints but there doesn't seem to have been any

Plastic "soda pop" type bottles are of course cheaper(no cost at all in fact) but can only be squeezed so far.

When I first set up my darkroom, having bought a set of accordion bottles secondhand, I had never heard of forums such as APUG and did not have the benefit of their content. The accordion bottles looked to be a sensible buy and ignorance being bliss I filled them with stock solution developer and never noticed a problem.