get an old chrome barrel super angulon, they are not very expensive, and if you
decide you want something else, they retain their value so you can just sell and upgrade ..
i have had and used wollensak 90mm raptar and a 3 1/2 " wollensak exwa lenses which were very sharp stopped down
and very small ... i sold them years ago and got a super angulon 90, and to be honest i can't tell the difference between any of them ...
as EvH suggests, focus well, use a sturdy tripod, make sure your gg + film holders are "right" stop down ... and you should be good to go,
unless you get a lens whose previous owner mixed up the cells, or lens / shutter spacing &c, then no amount of perfection will help you ..

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Also, is there a quality difference between the nikon 90 f/4.5 and the nikon 90 f/8? I assume faster doesn't necessarily designate better lens quality with LF lenses like it tends to for DSLR lenses?
the main difference is the one with the larger aperture will be easier to focus wide open.
some people have a hard time focusing lf lenses whose largest fstop is f8 ...