I developed another two rolls of ektar, (well two halves for two seperate shoots) over the past two days, they came out perfect! It must have been the temperature change that affected development as stated, the bleach was okay. I never did find a good filter pack for the botched ones, the reds were totally shot! I was certain the temperature had botched it in some way but it was impossible to recover from!

I printed both new shoots and got perfect results! I will add I require much less filtration for home processed ones, and also impressed my college tutor with sky photos as in my write up for my sketchbook I adjusted the Y filtration more and less to increase/decrease the intensity blue in the sky, with a colour wheel to describe it.

The bleach seems fine I was put off doing colour neg development a year ago due to temps and the cheap good local lab, but it's easy once one has the hang of it, E6 is fun and easy too, but I manly use that for super-8.

I'll let this topic show for anyone who is starting colour, it's easy, but temperature is CRITICAL. I had always read that using the two blix halves was fine, where did you read that?