FS: Miscellaneous film, some rare (Last call for bids.)

[Repost because bidding will close soon.]

Miscellaneous film, some rare.

I'm closing my darkroom and my wife needed the freezer back. Large quantity of film available, some fairlyrare. Looking for vintage or experimental effects? This might be the thing for you.

Details can be found at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/...sUUhIN1E#gid=0

Film was frozen for most of its life, until last fall (moved to a dry, unheatedgarage). Some will likely have lost speed, but clip testing can recalibrate.

Sold as a full lot only (about 170 rolls, plus 7 boxes of sheet film) .

Price: Best offer over $200 before September 15 (plus shipping from Tacoma, WA). Bidding will close at 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight time tomorrow, Saturday 9/15/2012.

Sorry, I am unable to manage international shipments.

Multiple other top of the line items also for sale (not yet priced but feel free to make offer):

SaltHill 16x20 Cross Current Archival [print] Washer
SaltHill 16x20 5-blade easel (see APUG classified)
SaltHill SPI film washer
SaltHill SPI film dryer
Beseler Universal 11x14 4-bladed easel
Grafmatic 6-sheet film magazines (4x5)
Jobo CPE2 accessories (Jobosold, accessories still available) (see APUG classified)
Tiffen 0.6 graduated ND filter (100 x 143 mm)
Rolleiflex cameras (2)
Darkroom sink 28" x 10 ft
Alto's 4501 mat cutting system
Water temperature control panel
Saunders LPL 4500II Super Dichroic enlarger with custom cabinet
Saunders Negative carriers:
35mm slide
Photographer'sFormulary PMK Pyro developer A+ B tomake 50 liters (unopened)
KodakTechnidol developer - 24 packets to make 8 fl oz. each (unopened) SOLD


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