Brian, thanks for the patient explanation.

Funny, I'm acquainted with Jeff Goggin, although we haven't communicated for years. Per Google, his e-mail address seems still to be Why don't you ask him whether he'd use a Galvin for your application? His review makes it sound iffy, also makes me regret that when I started thinking about moving to 2x3 (around 1988) I didn't get literature from Galvin. Back then it seemed too hard to set up consistently to be worth pursuing.

BTW, has a 2x3 Galvin brochure and a 1988 Horseman catalog.

This 2x3 Cambo SC has been on offer off and on for the last year, you might ask the seller whether he still has it, also whether it has a bail or international back. Unfortunately the Super Cambo catalog on cameraeccentric doesn't report on movements. If you're seriously interested, I can take mine out and measure.