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I'm planning on starting a beginners photography course in September but don't know what kind of camera to get. I want a DSLR or SLR whichever is best? For around 350 and one that will kind of grow with me if that makes sense, so as I advance into intermediate and advanced I can begin to use new features with it such as new lenses etc. Any ideas?
geeze, for that kind of money you could buy a good user Leica SLR of some sort -- R3 are dirt cheap, R4s not much worse.

the lenses would hurt you, however.

I'd say your best SLR, bar none, for a beginner is a Pentax Spotmatic or K1000 -- match needle metering is intuitive and simple, lenses are dirt cheap and amazing quality. It will be a great learner and if you learn well enough that it is you, not the camera, that takes the pictures, it will be the camera that lasts you a lifetime.