Well, it looks like we have some enthusiasm for such a challenge! Since it is a community challenge, discussion like this will help to set the rules, so keep it coming.

Just to clarify a few points:
  • The idea would be YOU nominate the camera and prime lens and you use that combo for the month. Obviously, its all in fun, so if you had the opportunity to film that one event which means a change in equipment, no one is going to get upset.
  • I have seen these challenges run in 2 ways - in the digital world, its usually one pic per day or something along those lines. The Film alternative I have seen is one roll for the month and posting 1/3rd of that roll (digi forums are not afraid of looking at lots of pictures, so it seems). I understand that the analogue community deal a lot more about quality over quantity, so we can tailor that to suit. The idea is to get out there for one month and shoot more!

Just a couple of my personal thoughts:
  • Shooting the same film and developer? Not a bad idea either, but to start off with, it would be nice to include those who don't home develop.
  • Obviously, the APUG charter when it comes to scanning images for display must be maintained