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Though this is APUG and it will piss off some people here, the fastest way to learn is to buy a cheap secondhand DSLR ($200?) and go shoot about 10,000 photos on it. The instant feedback is invaluable; ignore anyone who never had that and says you can do without - of course you can do without but it doesn't make it a good idea.
I disagree. To qualify that,I own no less than three d bodies and the majority of my paid shooting is done with them. Over half a million frames shot in that vein. In my opinion trying to learn with a system and conjoined philosophy that engenders a dilution of effort across ten thousand shots in a veritable instant, chimping the whole way doesn't promote the kind of education, discipline, and reasoning it takes to make shots count. Unlike my younger completion almost none of my work spends an instant in PS. This makes me incredibly efficient in that work flow, and I am in high demand for the higher end work in my market, indicating that the results are more than competitive.

If you can't take a good shot, take a lot of them, is tickets to hell for all you can pay IMO.