I bought a Galvin new from Jim Galvin soon after he began making them. Sold it some time later. Went in other directions. Many years after that, forgetting how imprecise and fiddly the Galvin was, I bought another one used. Sold it too when use reminded me of its shortcomings.

Since my application is landscape, not architecture, and I don't "see" wide angle, I later bought a new Horseman VH. Still have and like it. But I wouldn't recommend it for architecture or with lenses shorter than 75mm -- unless you have one of the rare aftermarket recessed boards.

If I were in your situation today I'd give serious consideration to this:

Talk it over with Jeff at Badger; he's a straight shooter. Also, I'd track down one of the RB-67 power drive 6x8 backs. Really good film flatness and a convenient 9 frames per roll that fit in a single negative storage page.