Hi all,

I have spent the last month reading threads throughout this forum while acquiring the bits and pieces to develop B&W film. It's funny, I have shot film since 1969, but never developed any. Better late than never I suppose.

Anyway, I don't want to engage everyone in a long discussion on things that have perhaps been talked to death if there is a readily available link, but I am wanting to get clear in my mind about mixing my developer, (I bought Ifosol 3). I have read the Ilford datasheet and am wondering about a few things. Below is a cut and paste from the sheet...

Developer dilution pH SG at 20C/68F
ILFOSOL 3 1 + 9 9.75 9.85 1.005
ILFOSOL 3 1 + 14 9.75 9.85 1.002

My biggest initial question - How critical is precision of the pH reading to the posted development times for the two dilution ratios?

Also,, I bought a Hanna pHep4 meter to take readings (along with the buffer solutions for calibrating the meter). I was wondering if there was any good sort of step by step for using the meter to check pH.