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Look everyone, she's channeling Sarge!

Sarge is a H.S. friend of mine on the f/295 pinhole forum, he's the first one I heard use that phrase.

BTW, I lament the dearth of women in the forums too, I want to see more of you practicing this art form. Then again the forums may be so testosterone laden that they are keeping their distance.

Oddly enough, there seems to be a larger proportion of women over at the large format forum, and I also note that Jenni is shooting 4x5.

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I think the mechanics of reading/posting fits the male brain better in some way that's not well understood.

All online stuff is mostly dominated by males unless it is a topic that is extremely female oriented.

So a gender specific topic will garner a gender based audiences, but a gender neutral topic will "usually" thin down to a males dominated group. I suspect exactly the opposite would occur if it were a face to face group like a community group of quilters.
Humm...dunno about that. The pilot forum I frequent most often has a lot of very active women posters. Considering the overwhelmingly large male demographic among private pilots it seems the women are more likely rather than less to post. I suspect the same thing in (analog - doubt this holds true in digital) photography.