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This is one thing I advise people to try.
Typically, it's students at the college where I work but I tell other people to try it, too.

For the students, I tell them to put the digicam away for the summer and just shoot film until they get back to school in the fall.

In nearly every case, I have seen their photography skills shoot up by orders of magnitude when they return.

I don't know if a whole year of shooting film is needed but you should decide for yourself.
If you would rather shoot only film for a month, six months or for whatever arbitrary amount of time you decide, you should still see benefits from the exercise.
How true. Some will say that taking more shots as with digital will benefit the photographic student. Let’s extrapolate that and give the student a movie camera so they can just do a frame grab. Will this improve their photographic practice? No.
For a start by using a still film camera you are more conscious of a finite number of frames, but this aside to take your first shot do you stay in the same position and shoot off the whole film? No, as by changing your distance between you and the subject you control perspective and then by changing your angle by a fraction of a millimetre you obtain a totally different shot, and then, by when you press the shutter you obtain a different shot, or a changing light between cloud and sunlight. Need I go on?