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I'm an architectural photographer using a 6x7cm view camera for exactly the same reasons the OP is looking for one. The problem is that with MF your technique needs to be absolutely spot on, which implies a precise and quite highly-engineered camera - and that isn't going to be cheap. There are quite a few "2x3" cameras out there, but very few are good enough to achieve reliable high-quality results.
There are only two I would actually recommend -
Arca-Swiss 6x9 (F or M series, depending on your preference)
Linhof Technikardan 23s
In either case, I would strongly recommend the addition of an Arca-Swiss binocular viewer, and the best and most modern analogue lenses you can get your hands on.
I use a TK23, and after 15+ years I am very happy with it, but if buying now would be hard pushed to choose between either of these. Note, however, that neither of these at present are ideal for MF digital, which requires even more precision!
Interestingly, I was so taken with my TK23 that I bought a TK45 a few years ago - but I sold it because it was much more cumbersome and I was not getting significantly better results.
Please don't let anyone tell you that something old/cheap will do - the smaller the format, the less margin for errors there is in any part of your technique. A cheap 4x5 with older lenses and a rollfilm back can be a recipe for real heartache. And before somebody accuses me of it - that is not because my technique is in any way flawed!
I hope that's useful.
This is something I've been discovering the more I research medium format view cameras and it's rather interesting to me. So the designs of most LF lenses just aren't good enough to produce tact sharp results with roll film? Makes sense to me. Are certain lenses better than others? I do love sharp results. I'm a MF RF shooter now so I'm pretty much spoiled by sharp lenses. I remember when I used to use my 4x5 with a 6x9 film back the results were always un-impressive. Somewhat soft and it seemed disappointing to me. But I just assumed it was my lens which was a 135mm fujinon. Shouldn't the dedicated lenses made for the horseman VH-R perform well enough with that camera? I mean they were designed for 6x9.