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I don't, but can't recall anyone posting that their Shen Hao cameras were flimsy. The TFC-69A appears to be a well-made Ebony copy. Talk to Jeff about it, including what his return policy might be if you were to order one.

Being limited to enlarging from medium format in my darkroom too (for now), I've been concentrating more on contact prints, mostly from 5x7 and whole plate negatives. You might wish to consider that approach. While you'd once again have to load/unload holders, I view the smaller number of available exposures as a good thing that encourages better seeing rather than a limitation.
Sal, that's funny you mention 5x7 and contact printing. I was actually considering this over the last few months as well. I never liked the 4x5 (or 8x10) ratio. Almost square. 5x7 is closer to the 6x4.5 format I'm used to shooting. And it is a large enough negative to contact print. I just think I would miss being able to enlarge. Of course there is always scanning and inkjet for larger, but not the same as tradition prints.