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Look everyone, she's channeling Sarge!

Sarge is a H.S. friend of mine on the f/295 pinhole forum, he's the first one I heard use that phrase.

BTW, I lament the dearth of women in the forums too, I want to see more of you practicing this art form. Then again the forums may be so testosterone laden that they are keeping their distance.

Actually I was quoting the famous line from Apocalypse Now, it's Kilgore's quote "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" I love the lighting in that move some of the best lighting on the silver screen. I didn't love the movie though but I do use that quote for many different things. I'll bet you a dollar Sarge got the quote from the same movie.

I do notice one thing different, and this is only an observation I have seen. Women tend to photograph portraiture, while men are more apt to do nature and architecture. I could be wrong. But from what I can tell women want the human connection. I have not poked around ya'll galleries to see if I'm right but I'd wager on that too.

So back on track, thank you all for your advice and help with me troubles, Thank you very much I shall soon be a ninja in the darkroom .