I am getting ready to order some more E-6 from B&H, and was going to tack on a couple rolls of the Rollei IR 400 film to my order. I checked with my local camera shop (Peoria Camera Shop, who typically turn B&W around in 4 days) to see if they can develop B&W IR film, and they told me they can't do the IR film.

Should I try to send it through their line anyway, or find somewhere else to do it? I've not loaded a film reel before and hesitate to invest in the chemistry and equipment to do it myself if I end up trying it and it ends up being a total flop. I normally shoot color (slide), and not much B&W, but the B&W IR photos I've seen are AMAZING, and I think I would like it if I ever figured out the exposure.

I don't have a darkroom, but I should be able to get prints locally once the film is developed, even if it ends up being a hybrid process.