OK Folks, you will never see a deal like this again: Two -- yes two, which is to say both -- Minolta 110 Zoom cameras. They were issued as a Mark I and Mark II because there were two of them.

Yeah I know: Original.

Anyway, the nice folks at Lomo are selling 110 black and white film again, and of course you need a good camera to shoot that stuff in. There is nothing better than these.

Both 110 zooms are equipped with premo optics, they focus really easily, and the images they produce are really wonderful, even considering that they are sub-mini.

The third camera is a 110 Weathermatic -- for those days you want to shoot in the rain. Again, premo optics, these were Monolta's top of the line, not like those wretched little numbers Kodak cranked out.

All three cameras are in good working order, clean, no excessive wear, no dings, dents, scrapes or whatever. Put new batteries in, they're ready to go. Your friends will be amazed.

Why am I selling? Saving up for the Leica M4 and when I do shoot submini I would rather shoot Minox. Time to clean out aspects of the collection that someone else can enjoy. If you are interested in Lomo's 110 film -- http://usa.shop.lomography.com/films/110-film -- you really need one of these.

$50 for all three and all I'm asking is $5 added to help with the postage in the continental US. Overseas, we will need to check and see what it costs. Yes, I take paypal at summicron12000@yahoo.com.

Here's a picture.

Seriously, you need these.

minolta 110.jpg