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Probably the smallest full-frame 35mm camera is the Rollei 35. The best models are those with a Sonnar or Tessar lens. No rangefinder, but not really necessary with the 40mm lens. The best of the series is the 35SE with a tack sharp f2.8 Sonnar and CdS light meter. Look at site http://www.cameraquest.com/rol35se.htm.
A 35SE is also on my shelf and goes with me if I wan't to travel light. The sonnar is really extraordinary and the main reason why I can hardly imagine to part with it. But by todays standards the Rollei 35 isn't small and certainly not light and feels like a small brick when you hold a mju II in your other hand. The lighmeter is also a bit dated with its low sensitivity and the interface is auto-nothing. Nevertheless, a very fine camera.