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The term is in reference to the fact that the film is a traditional emulsion and not a tabular grain (eg Delta, Tmax). Why shouldn't a company advertise the type of film it is? I don't believe there are many 100 ISO tabular (aka silver rich) films left; Efke KB100/ADOX CHS 100 just ended its run. I believe Foma, Kentmere and Lucky make a traditional 100. I don't believe Neopan 100 SS is around (least here in the States I don't see it). I look forward to trying the film out but don't understand why one needs to call a companie's language choice cringe worthy when the term is in ref to its nature that some might be interested in (traditional grain). I don't use tabular films and find the press release well done. I don't see any other film makers announcing an emulsion yet (hopefully Monday we hear more), so this is good news in my book.