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I'm with you, Andy. I have never embraced T-grain films either. Nothing against them, but I just haven't worked with them much.

You need to edit your post above. You said " I don't believe there are many 100 ISO tabular (aka silver rich) films left; ..." Did you mean cubic grained?
Fixed, thanks for spotting that.

Thomas, yes tho it is 125....he. But yes that is effectively a 100'ish film

My list wasn't meant to be all of them, just making a point that we lost 3 trad films as of late (plus x, Efke 100 and Adox CHS 100) and as consumers more choice is better, but my main point is - why are some folks vilifying a company when the cringeworthy term (silver rich) is commonly used to indicate the film's type (trad or cubic)