Yesterday I did a photo demo. I was invited to an art walk as one of the artists. I was going to be the only photographer, and I wanted to make photos but do it fast enough to keep the interest of people milling about. So I shot portraits with my 4x5 Speed Graphic on a photographic paper that makes a positive image, then developed them on the spot. For the most part they turned out pretty good for exposures working there way to the 15 second mark as the sun was setting. The reception was better then I expected. I got word that people were telling there friends to "go see the guy making photos at the end of the street. I also brought out my Hasselblad, 35mm Nikon Cameras and a Nikonos-V. One young man was just beside himself to get to play the the Hassy. I got to talk to a few old timers about how they shot Speed Graphics back in the day, and the kids liked watching the whole process from getting everything on the ground glass to poring "stinky stuff into the magic black box" and waiting a few minuets for a photo to come out.

Here's a few: