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I was under the impression that a rule of the classifieds on this site are that prices must be stated.
I'm sorry you have this concern.

This is the guideline I followed, from the Rules for Classified Ads post:

"While the community norm is to keep things simple--the seller names a price, and the buyer pays the price--there are no rules prohibiting calls for "best offer" just as there is no prohibition against potential buyers making offers lower than the advertised price. If sellers want to structure the sale in some other creative way, as long as it is not disruptive to the forum, it is up to potential buyers to accept or reject the terms of sale."

I think the intent of this and the paragraph before it (in the rules) is to not use APUG to advertise eBay auctions, and I have not. These items have not been posted on eBay.

I have no idea how to set a fixed price for the items I have posted, where I have asked for "best offer" above a minimum and before a deadline. Certainly you could think of my minimum as a stated price. Can you suggest a better way to value them?

I don't think these postings are in any way disruptive to APUG.