I know more and more movie productions are switching to digital capture instead of using 35mm film. And Kodak had made a contract with studios to keep making film till 2015 (I think?). Anyway since IMAX is a technology that can only be shot and duplicated on film, what will come of the company when film capture ceases? I don't imagine they will be able to design a digital camera with high enough resolution to even compete with IMAX, in a 3 year time frame. And if it were possible- I'd imagine a hard drive fast enough to record such huge data isn't around yet. With theaters switching over to digital projection (which I think is premature because the technology isn't perfected yet), I'd imaging getting film prints made will be just as difficult. And IMAX depends on film for projection, since Digital IMAX is nothing more then a regular digital projector that other theaters already have.

I saw the Dark Knight Rises in IMAX 1.3 times and a repeat time in a Ultra AVX digital projection theater. I think the AVX theater uses a 2K projector on a screen very close in size to IMAX, but more rectangular. The picture ended up being half as bright as IMAX, and one could clearly see what they call the screen door effect on the projection of the film. Since film is analog, it shows everything with no spaces in between the image pixels. I think one would need to go to a bare minimum of 4K and more like 8K, to get rid of the pixels shown on the screen.

So what do you think IMAX will do in a few years?