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What about 5x7 makes you think you can't enlarge? People are giving away 8x10 enlargers these days.
Perhaps he doesn't have an enlarger for the 7x5 format

I went through the dilemna of whether to move to a 6x7/6x9 view/field camera back in the mid 1980's. I was shooting 645 and happy with the quality but frustrated by the lack of movements for certain images. I had been using 5x4 for about 10 years but my monorail cmaers was too heavy and impractical outside a studio.

In the end after weighing up the various possibilities I went for a 5x4 field camera knowing I had the option to use a 6x9/6x7 back. I don't have a preference for format and happily work with 6x6, 6x9, 6x17 as well as 5x4/10x8.