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I look forward to trying the film out but don't understand why one needs to call a company's language choice cringe worthy when the term is in ref to its nature that some might be interested in (traditional grain).
Because it is marketing fluff that leads you into thinking there is some inherently good thing that the film is silver rich. That is only a part of the equation. There is a limit to how much silver you can put into an emulsion without losing the excess straight into the fixer with no apparent effect.

I guess the term may be "silver rich" in relation to the t-grain films but it is worded in such a way that it sounds like something otherworldly, while Silvermax is in fact in the ballpark of film technology such as Kentmere, Ilfords FP4/HP5 or any sort of traditional film. Of course I cannot say anything about its qualities, and it may well be a very good film. I sincerely hope so, and I would like Mirko and the crew to succeed - we all would benefit from diversity. Now that I have said all this, I am going to have to buy it and try it.

I think it would be better to highlight the fact that it is a newly made film, that it is made in new facilities in Bad Saarow, that they are going to continue to support it, that it is possible to do slides with it, etc. Just that - and show us some real world examples. Get it out there, send off a pack or two to some good photographers, let them show what you can do with it. I guess that counts more than any amount of silver.