zsas: On the German Adox page they describe the film as "SILVERMAX hat im Vergleich zu normalen Filmen einen erhöhten Silbergehalt." Translation: "Silvermax features a higher silver content than normal films". I also remember a statement (if memory serves me right) that this film has 2.5x more silver than normal films. I just found it. The old? advertisement (quoted in the German fotoimpex bulletin board) read "SILVERMAX hat ca. 2,5 mal so viel Silber wie ein vergleichbarer 100 ASA Film." Translation: "Silvermax has approx. 2,5 times the silver content of a comparable 100 ASA film". So in this case "silver rich" is not used to refer to the film as a "traditional" film vs. T-grain films, it really means no more and no less than literally a silver-rich emulsion.
I'm not going into the debate on what effect this will have - this has already been discussed on several occations at several places but I did want to point out what the meaning of "silver rich" is in regards to this film.