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I find it inappropriate for folks (Michel Hardy-Vallée, Jerevan, et al) to be disparaging a manufacturer for using a term that commonly understood to us analog photographers. Silver rich is used to describe an emulsion that is traditional/cubic/not-tabular. It is not marketing BS or a gimmick as some have suggested.
I'm afraid ADOX does not even use "silver rich" in the way you say (as a synonymous of "not-tabular"). Look:
SILVERMAX has an increased silver-content compared to regular films. This enables him to built up more DMAX and reproduce up to 14 zones in our dedicated SILVERMAX Developer.This way SILVERMAX catches it all for you: brightest highlights and deepest shadows.
So given all that has been said, yes I maintain that "silver rich" is a misnomer, and a gimmick. As a matter of fact, Efke films (i.e. the old ADOX films), which used to be called "silver rich" were the first thin-emulsion films, so they were actually silver-POOR, compared to the previous generations of films, a.k.a. thick emulsion films. Please quote your reference for the so-called "common knowledge" that silver-rich means "cubic."