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I'm afraid ADOX does not even use "silver rich" in the way you say (as a synonymous of "not-tabular"). Look: So given all that has been said, yes I maintain that "silver rich" is a misnomer, and a gimmick. As a matter of fact, Efke films (i.e. the old ADOX films), which used to be called "silver rich" were the first thin-emulsion films, so they were actually silver-POOR, compared to the previous generations of films, a.k.a. thick emulsion films. Please quote your reference for the so-called "common knowledge" that silver-rich means "cubic."
Michel in my original post above I cited my references. Here they are again:
The Darkroom Cookbook, Third Edition, by Steve Anchell
Basics Photography: Working in Black & White By David Prakel

Prakel said that tabular films, when printed, "...have a different look, when printed up, from an old-fashioned silver-rich film such as Kodak Tri-X Pan..."
Anchell says that silver rich, "...usually indicates an older formulation."

In my post above I had a link to Prakel's book, here it is again: