The problem with Anchell is that he misinterprets a lot of information. I have his cookbooks, and what he says about cubic v. tabular grains is not exactly sound science, even though he has a lot of otherwise useful information. Prakel makes the same mistake as Efke: TXP is a modern, thin-emulsion film. Not a thick-emulsion film. One of the reasons why silver amounts went down was increased efficiency of emulsions, not just cheapness.
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Michel in my original post above I cited my references. Here they are again:The Darkroom Cookbook, Third Edition, by Steve AnchellBasics Photography: Working in Black & White By David PrakelPrakel said that tabular films, when printed, "...have a different look, when printed up, from an old-fashioned silver-rich film such as Kodak Tri-X Pan..."Anchell says that silver rich, "...usually indicates an older formulation."In my post above I had a link to Prakel's book, here it is again: