I had the chance to visit Montreal, Las Vegas and New York this past summer and managed to see The Dark Knight Rises in real 70mm 15 perfs film in each of those cities (actually in New York I saw it on an Dome screen, aka OMNIMAX, on the huge screen at the Liberty Park Science museum). I wanted to experience watching a feature movie in real IMAX to keep those images and feelings for the years to come. The image quality of the portions shot on 65mm negative were just as different as when looking at an 6x6 piece of chrome shot with a Hasselblad on a light table compared to regular 35mm film. No grain, colors to die for, mindblowing clarity , sharpness and detail, shallower depth of field with beautiful bokeh. I noticed excellent image stability (to the point of wondering if it was not a digital projection after all). I'm afraid soon there will be no more film projection at all and the general public won't have a point of comparison, at this point they won't even need to try to equal film quality, they'll just need to hype it up and coldly claim 4K or 8K or whatever is simply better than film.
I see tiny bits of hope though, 2 up coming new movies have been shot on regular 5 perfs 70mm (Samsara, and The Master), and promote the better image quality of 70mm openly. There is also this Star Trek movie sequel and the next installment of Hunger Games movie that are heard to include scenes shot on 65mm IMAX stock.
Let's cross our fingers.