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Some time around 2000, the technology became transparent and consumers started going digital for the CONVENIENCE and RESULTS, and NOT for the technology.
Let's be clear here. For the marketing-driven perception of convenience and results.

Marketing is like religion. If done correctly, the subject ends up believing in the truth of what they are told without ever questioning, or having any proof of, it's validity. By definition that's what faith is. Belief without proof.

They were told digital was easier and better by people who wanted to sell them that perception. The vehicle of those perceptions was irrelevant. This time around it just happened to be digital cameras. In years past it was microwave ovens because fire had become obsolete. So it's no surprise that then became the commonly quoted wisdom. And camera-puchasing pattern.

If the marketers had told them that colored pencils and sketchpads were the wave of the future, that their core inner self-validations rested on them making pictures using this new analog technology, then we'd be overrun by hipsters sitting on park benchs sketching the ducks on the pond. And being convinced to replace their colored pencils with new and improved upgrades every other day.

One of the benchmarks of a life well-lived is to finally reach the point of not getting fooled over and over and over, again...