There are many "names" at EK that have gone unrecognized, and that deserve a mention. As analog passes into history, so will their names.

Hanson was indeed "Bunny" to many of his peers. I heard the name used often. He knew everyone, and called us all by name. The week before Christmas, he visited every room in all 3 research buildings and said hello to us (unless we were dark!). He was very bright and took part in discussions at meetings.

I found that to be true of all the directors that I worked under. They were extremely bright and knowledgeable about any topic that came up in meetings.

I first met Hanson when he was assistant director. His office later became the office of Jong Wey, one of the greats in EK emulsion makiing. Hanson moved to the directors office and then over to the new building.

And, to answer several queries, his accent was very very pronounced and he spoke very slowly like a true southern gentleman. In fact, that is what my wife called him after meeting him at a party.