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I notice the same thing jenni. By the way, my sister is a Jenni - although now that she's a grown up (40), she goes by Jennifer... But I still get to call her Jenni. I like Jenni.

I am trying to become a different type of shooter; moving on from portraiture and on to more PJ stuff and arty conceptual things. I cannot shoot anything without an emotional attachment, though. Most women are like that, I think.
I do go by Jennifer it's just in the apug world that I am Jenni :0)

Nice to meet you Katie (the name of my second daughter should I be blessed with one). I too have been wanting to branch out. I've been shooting portraiture for the last 22 years and I feel it's time to try doing some things that are still feminine but still life. You know the flowers and the fruit type of thing.