Well, this being my first print exchange i must say i am thoroughly humbled by the quality of the prints. I am rather new to analogue photography so my comments should be taken with a grain of salt.

In no particular order:

Michael W: of the two portraits i particularly like the one on varycon paper. i think the boys enigmatic expression pairs very well with the texture of the paper and the way you have captured the midtones.

Nige: i have always had a soft spot for b&w infrared shots. i think you have captured the eeriness really well, both in composition and tonality. i do wonder though what effect a more dramatic sky would have on the image? just a thought.

Andrew K: what an interesting way to achieve a panorama! the print is a little dark but i guess you didnt have too much control over that.

Oxleyroad: never thought id receive a van dyke on linen! it has certainly spurred me into thinking about alternative processes - particularly liquid emulsion printing. one day! the lith print really suits the subject matter, i think. nicely done.

walbergb: a lovely print. has a wonderful tonality, especially as a result of toning. i dont think the print is too dark, though.

hoffy: i really love this image. not sure how you managed it but i find the contrast between the white walls, the black tire and the chrome wheel nuts superb. kudos

marc: i was in Germany late last year and though i went to Munich i didnt have time to visit the Neuschwanstein castle. im a fan of the acros/rodinal combo and you've managed to pull a great print from it. only thing i would do differently is add more drama to the sky, but each to their own!

smbooth: this is the first time ive seen a print from a 4x5 negative. wow! ill have to give large format a go one day. i like the way ones eyes follow the 's' shape of the stream.

And many thanks to Andrew for organising the exchange. I look forward to what subsequent ones will bring. Cheers!